Friday, April 24, 2009

工作真的只是一份工作 / WORK IS JUST A JOB


Do not look forward to work-life balance, in fact, not many people can work and live together succeeful, life does not work, but work to live, it is very contradictory! Or retain their love life. Just think, one day or a week how much time to have friends and family, or friends and family to do something you like to do, which can know to strike a blance between work and life is impossible. Tian Ah! Work is work, workis not only to make money to the. This is even more donot want to earn more money as long as, or more enjoyable to do, Feel more Qi to meet on a clear conscience, and to this attitude of mind can be psychologically balanced individual.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

在職場不做徒勞無功的事和物。/ Not in vain in the workplace and the material things.


I remember a colleague of Dora before leaving a few people go, that would be the company which will be affected, as a result of my observation: there is no impact on people looking for missing people, at the most senior staff hard at the company, the "All the staff are very important" when in-service, after-service are not important", not a single non-employees can not stay,it seems to work for many years been the case, I included, and I think now the point of view of such work,it is not futile,and Or no matter the outcome. The work of this principle. Therefore,in accordance with the principle of reality to see the work, people should aim to work only in order to make money without his addition, "The above-mentioned work is that" I will explore the principles and the provision of some of the work, it may as a reference.